Thesem - online fashion store

At Thesem, we sell new fashion pieces for the youthful, discerning, intelligent and driven woman. Our style is sophisticated understated, and demure - for elegant, ambitious women who want to look their best and feel their finest everyday - living life to the fullest.

The problem we noticed was there was no wholistic fashion store promoting quality pieces around the $50-$80 mark that focused on helping women feel better about themselves. It caters to women of 20-34 age group who strive for inspiration and confidence in achieving their goals of a distinguished career, loving family, undying thirst for self development and a fun, good life but wasn’t tied to the hipster or skin-showing aesthetic. She believes that feeling your best is the best confidence there is and should be dictated by herself, and not anyone else. 

‘Thesem’ stands for ‘The Semiotics of Fashion’. Inspired to introduce greater awareness about the power of fashion in shaping our thinking.