Mantras we believe in.

Mantras we believe in.

 You don’t need to be anything.

 Self belief is everything.

Feel good, look good, show the world who you are. Be your true self. Be the best version of yourself. Unapologetically.

 You become what you tell yourself.

 When people around you react to your strengths out of insecurity, you could be conditioned to think that’s a bad thing. When actually you should just let them be and just move away if you can. Don’t stand around it.

 If you feel unhappy, take a pause and return to yourself, what makes you feel good. 

Will you choose to perpetuate your insecurity, or heal your insecurity?

You can be the woman you’ve always dreamed of being. 

 Cut off the insecure people in your life. Those who put you down, those who are never satisfied with you. They make you believe you need them, but actually they need to use you as a springboard to step on.

Do everything for your own happiness, not too seek approval from someone else. Your value is inherent, people do not give you value, they reflect the value you have for yourself.

 Rely on yourself, do not rely on others for validation. You can give it to yourself by training your self talk and choosing to not fall into the temptation of seeking from others. You will build it by building on your goals and dreams. You will be unshakable.

 Speak to your insecurities and say, it’s ok, your experience is valid. You are not alone. In am here for you. Let’s do the healing together. 

Back yourself and return to confidence.

Do not be afraid to relive the fear of punishment for showing your strength. Just show it and claim it. Those who punished you will diminish.

You got this. 

Build your strength so you can show the world who you truly are.

 Do things for your own happiness, not for the approval of anyone else.

 Do things which build you stronger. Go the right path and keep going, until those who try to pull you back are too far behind and out of reach to affect you. You will be unshakable.

You are more amazing than you realise you are.

 Keep your power, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not enough.

 You are beyond enough.

 Be the true you.

 Look within at what you truly want or need.

Do the healthy things that make yourself feel good. Ask support from your family and friends, books, therapists, music.

 You don’t need anyone, you just need yourself and your values, experiences and ability to listen to yourself when making a choice. The right choice for yourself.


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